Changes to the running of the Carer Hub

A survey carried out by the Carers Trust has identified carers strain. The lack of support available to carers is the main cause for them to face health problems themselves. With this in mind, we have decided that we need to change the use of our Carer Hub.

The Well Together service have taken over the running of the hub from Monday 4 December 2023. We are working with the service to provide a bespoke and personal service to our carers. This will mean more support sessions are available for our carers to attend at locations in and around Bradford.

This change in who runs the Hub, means that the Carers Hub will now be called the Well Together Hub. The Carer drop-in sessions will still run but have changed slightly, instead of being every Monday, they will now be every other Monday (excluding Bank Holidays). Please see the Carer calendar for dates.

Well Together provides a range of interesting, sociable, health-led activities delivered by dedicated activity volunteers. Their activities are free and run across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, in wheelchair-accessible venues. If you need more information on what Well Together have to offer, please contact or call 01274 259190.

Currently the Carer support side of the Patient and Carer Experience and Involvement team (PCEI team) has a separate phone number for the Carer Hub to the main team phone number so the Hub could run effectively, and a separate Facebook and X (formally Twitter) page as well. Due to the changes to the Carer Hub the decision has been made to end this split and have the team keep one number and one main Facebook and X page.

To contact for carer information, please use the number 01274 228298, and for other activities that will be running from the Well Together Hub, please contact Well Together at 01274 259190. For social media updates you can visit the PCEI team on @BDCFT_YourVoice on X, and @BDCFTYourVoice on Facebook.

The number 01274 251112 and the social media pages will be closed on the 31 January 2024.


At Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, we work closely with those people who are caring for loved ones or family members, who are receiving services from our Trust.

Carers are involved in our work in a number of ways, from helping to shape our services and getting involved in key Trust groups, to getting advice and support. Read our promise to carers.

Who is a carer?

Do you provide help and support to somebody who may struggle to manage because of frailty, illness or disability? This person may be your child, spouse, another relative or friend. The help may include personal care, managing medication, cooking, shopping, housework and giving emotional support. If you do any of these things, you may be referred to by professionals, as a carer.

Our Carer Service


How can I hear more about the hubs?

To receive Carer related information and support please complete the online form.

For further information about the Hubs please call 01274 2282982 or email

Triangle of Care

The Trust is pleased to be a member of the Triangle of Care. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the good work we are doing with our carers and be nationally recognised by being awarded a Triangle of Care kite mark. The Triangle of Care is a self-assessment process based on the principle that care is made better by good working relationships and communication between the service user, professionals and carers.

In March 2018, we were awarded our first gold star for the successful submission within our inpatient and crisis services and in December 2021 we were awarded a second gold star for our work within phase two of the scheme, which was to assess the needs of people caring for people who use our community mental health services, and to pledge our commitment to improve the service that we provide to carers. This will be followed by phase three, which is an assessment of our adult physical health services.

Image of the Triangle of Carer membership badge for phase one    Image of the Triangle of Care membership for phase two


Kayley Gregory

Michael Firth

Useful information

Useful resources

  • WYHP Carer Toolkit – provides a range of resources and support for carers and their loved ones. Includes a COVID 19 Plan B tool.
  • Help with carers allowance – ‘Finding your way’
  • Practical guide to healthy caring – provides information and advice to carers about staying healthy. This booklet is particular relevant for carers 65 years or older and those new to caring.
  • Practical guide to healthy ageing – provides information and advice to help improve the health and fitness of people of any age, but is particularly relevant for people 70 years or older.
  • RallyRound – a simple free online website that allows friends and families to help you share day to day activities.
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