If you are service user or carer, there are lots of ways that you can be involved in our work, from your own care to wider involvement in Trust groups. We want you to be involved at every level because if you use our services, or look after someone that gets care from our Trust, your views are really important.  You can be involved in the following ways:

  • Decisions about your own care or someone you care for – starting with the planning of your care; carers and family members should also be included if appropriate.
  • A team or service – such as developing information leaflets for people that use the service, carers or staff; sharing your experience to support staff training and awareness; or getting involved in a recruitment panel so the right people work for the Trust.
  • Volunteer – volunteering in one of our services or getting involved in Champions Show the Way that runs activities for local people.
  • Give feedback – ranging from the Friends and Family Test or giving general feedback about the Trust and our services. 
  • Become a Foundation Trust member – get involved in lots of interesting activities; see our membership page for more details.
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