Mother with childBradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Little Minds Matter team are backing the annual Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (IMHAW) this year.

The week-long campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of infant mental health. This year, IMHAW will take place from 12 – 18 June, with the theme of “Bonding Before Birth.”

The theme “Bonding Before Birth” highlights the importance of the relationship between a baby and their primary caregivers during pregnancy. Research has shown that prenatal bonding can have a positive impact on the mental and emotional development of infants, as well as their long-term health outcomes.

To encourage parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to learn about the benefits of prenatal bonding, the Little Minds Matter team are hosting a number of events across the district for families to get involved in. These include an Instagram live for families to get help and information or ask any questions they may have, this will take place on Thursday 15 June, 12 noon – 12.30pm, @littlemindsmatterbdcft.

Dr Charlotte Dunster-Page, Principal Clinical Psychologist and Infant Mental Health Pathway Lead at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “Infant Mental Health Awareness Week is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the critical role that early experiences play in shaping the mental and emotional health of babies.

There are many ways to bond with an unborn baby, such as talking to them, playing music, or simply spending quiet moments together.”

During the week the Little Minds Matter team in Bradford will also be celebrating their fifth birthday. The team supports parents, carers and professionals to help babies get the best possible start in life. They offer therapy and support to families with babies and toddlers from conception to the age of two, and consultation and training to professionals.

For more information on the Little Minds Matter service please visit Little Minds Matter – Bradford Infant Mental Health service – BDCT