The podiatry team at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust provides treatment for medical conditions of the foot and nail. This does not include routine nail cutting, as this is personal care.

As a team, we understand that toenail care can become more difficult with increasing age and decreasing mobility. We therefore suggest the following alternatives:

Self care

Wash and soak your feet in a bowl of warm water then cut your nails straight across. Remember that you do not have to cut all your nails in one go! If you struggle with actually cutting your nails, filing them on a very regular basis helps to keep the length down.

Friends and relatives

Many people have friends and relatives who are willing to undertake the cutting or filing of toenails for those around them.

Private podiatrists

Podiatrists have undergone an extensive professional training programme and are registered with the Health Care Professions Council. The majority of private podiatrists will undertake toenail cutting for a fee. Prices can be variable and practitioners can be found in the telephone directory or online.

Foot health practitioners

Foot health practitioners have under-gone a training course in foot health and provide basic treatments including nail care. Again prices are variable (often cheaper than podiatrists) and practitioners can be found in the telephone directory or online.

The NHS recommends that you always use an HCPC registered Private Practitioner.

Consult a podiatrist for advice

The podiatry administration office can be contacted on 01274 221165.

We value your feedback

If you have used our podiatry service, please rate and review your care at:

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