Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give expert practical, clinical and emotional support to families living with dementia to help them cope. They are qualified registered nurses who have had significant experience of working with people living with dementia before becoming an Admiral Nurse.

Admiral Nurses form part of our multi-disciplinary Proactive Care Team (PACT), which offers proactive, holistic, care and support for vulnerable, frail adults and their carers and families, within three specific areas of central Bradford.

Who do Admiral Nurses work with?

Admiral Nurses work with people and families affected by all types of dementia. Often an Admiral Nurse is allocated to a family to provide support during particularly challenging or difficult times. They remain involved ready to step back in with support as the need arises.

The one-to-one support, expert specialist guidance and practical solutions provided by Admiral Nurses can be difficult to find elsewhere. They listen to problems to really understand, so they can answer questions and give families the support they need to tackle those problems.

For example, they have skills and techniques help relatives stay connected to the person they love if communication gets hard. They can also help families prevent or manage the fear or distress that someone with dementia can experience. And if a carer is struggling to cope, they can help get a loved one the best possible additional care and support.

The unique dementia expertise and experience an Admiral Nurse brings is a lifeline – it helps carers and families to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear.

More about the Admiral Nursing service on this video:

How can I access the Admiral Nursing service?

If you are caring for someone who has dementia and they, or you, are registered with one of these GP practices in central Bradford, speak to your GP who can refer you to the Proactive Care Team’s Admiral Nursing service.

If you are caring for someone with dementia who does not live in central Bradford and is not registered with one of the GP practices linked to above, please call the Admiral Nurse national dementia helpline for advice, or contact Dementia UK, or speak to your GP.

Admiral Nurse national dementia helpline: 0800 888 6678  or email

Further information for healthcare professionals and voluntary and community sector partners, including referral details.

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