Membership of your local trust can make a big difference to the lives of other people.

Healthcare impacts everyone and membership of this Trust will enable all those people that experience our services to tell us how to make our services better.

Our Governors are responsible for voicing the views of our members and the wider public. They attend meetings with our Chair and tell him what local people think about our services and plans. The Chair then shares this information with members of the Board who consider this before making important decisions.

Find out more about members and Governors in our booklet. For details of how to contact a Governor and the dates of future Council of Governor meetings, please visit our meetings and events page on the website.

Our members are also informed about and invited to attend healthcare related talks which are led by senior healthcare professionals. These talks are free and provide a rare opportunity for local people to spend over an hour hearing from and asking questions of the experts. When we have a membership talk planned, we include details in our calendar of meetings and events.  We also send details to those members that we have an email address for.  Members are also emailed newsletters which contain information about future membership events and latest news from the Trust. If you’re not already a member and would like to become one, you can apply by completing a short membership form.