Learning disability nurse, Nicola Boldy with Mazar HussainCaring and dedicated learning disability nurse, Nicola Boldy, has been supporting local Bradfordian, Mazar Hussain with his healthcare needs after family members noticed a decline in his mental health following a family bereavement.

Nicola, who is employed by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, worked tirelessly to ensure Mazar and his family were supported and had their needs met.

Humble Nicola, who has worked as a nurse for 15 years, said: “I love my job, I love everything about it and find it so rewarding helping people in the community. Every day is different and varied.  I like to make sure people’s needs are met and try and help as much as I can.”

Fareeda, Mazar’s sister, said: “We have felt so supported as a family by Nicola and knowing she is around has helped Mazar with his mental health and made a real difference. Nicola really understands her patients and their needs, she is so helpful and we’re grateful for what she has done for us.”

Fifty-three-year-old Mazar Hussain has learning disabilities and was referred to the Care Trust for a dementia assessment after family members noticed a change in personality and behaviour, including memory loss and difficulty communicating following the family bereavement.

Nurse, Nicola worked with the family to support Mazar, including liaising with other healthcare professionals to address his needs and Mazar’s GP to discuss help for low mood and difficulty sleeping.

Elaborating further, Nicola explained: “I supported Mazar and his sister, Fareeda, at looking at ways in which to help him with his mental and physical health. For example, I arranged for Mazar to be seen in ophthalmology, as he had cataracts and had one successfully removed.  I got occupational therapy involved to carry out an environmental and skills assessment as part of the health investigations. Referrals were also made to speech and language therapy because he was coughing whilst eating and drinking and I made a referral to physio to look at his mobility.”

Nicola continued: “It would be beneficial if adaptations could be made within the family home to reduce the risk of falling, this may include making changes to the shower room downstairs.  I am currently working with Bradford Council occupational therapists to look at any possible adaptations that would benefit Mazar.  This will make a huge difference to Mazar.”

The support received from the Care Trust and Nicola has had a positive impact on Mazar’s health and wellbeing. Mazar’s sister, Fareeda, credits the care she has received from Nicola and the Trust with improving the quality of life for her brother. Fareeda said: “I’m really grateful for everything that Nicola has done and really happy with the support and service we have received, she has made a huge difference.”

The Trust’s Learning Disability service provide a range of health support for adults with learning disabilities across Bradford and Airedale. To find out more visit: www.bdct.nhs.uk/services/learning-disability-services/

For information on all mental health and wellbeing support services in Bradford and Craven and self-help resources and apps, visit www.healthyminds.services.