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Whichever area of our service you access you can expect a high level of quality and support. We offer care in lots of ways including on wards, in the community and in social care settings. Our aim is always to treat you as close as is possible to your own home.

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Children’s services – Wakefield

Our children’s service team in Wakefield provides an integrated service for children from 0-19 years, the team consists of health visitors, school nurses (including vaccinations and immunisations) and family nurses and has been commissioned by Wakefield Council and NHS England to provide services in the Wakefield Council area.

Family nurse partnership – Wakefield

Telephone: 07712 506 274. Our family nurse partnership service supports women aged 19 and under who are expecting their first child.

Health visiting – Wakefield

Contact 01924 310130. Our health visitors provide a range of services to support you on your parenting journey, from getting ready to be parents and giving birth, to your child’s toddler years and starting school.

School nursing teams – Wakefield

Telephone: 01924 310130. Our school nurse teams work within schools, other education providers and the local community to support children and young people of school age, and those who care for them.  They will work together with you to offer support and advice about how to make decisions about healthy living.

Specialist clinics – learning disabilities

Specialist clinics are held at Waddiloves Health Centre

Specialist Mother and Baby Mental Health service

The learning disability health support team

The Health Support Team works from Bradford (Waddiloves Health Centre) and Keighley (The Oaks). Telephone 01274 497121

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