To find out about more about the kinds of services we have, how they can support you and how you can be referred to them use the search function in the blue box to the side of this page.

Whichever area of our service you access you can expect a high level of quality and support. We offer care in lots of ways including on wards, in the community and in social care settings. Our aim is always to treat you as close as is possible to your own home.

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Outpatients service

Telephone: 01274 363224

When you are discharged from hospital with medication we want to make sure that you stay well. The nurses in our outpatients department will regularly monitor your physical health to make sure that your medication is still working for you.

Palliative Care service

Telephone: 01274 221151

Our specialist palliative care team provides specialist advice and support for those who are nearing the end of their life.  People in their last weeks of life are supported by our hospice at home team.

Physical Health and Wellbeing clinics

We offer physical health and wellbeing checks for people who have a serious mental illness.

Podiatry – foot health

Telephone: 01274 221165
Podiatrists are foot health experts. We can help you relieve pain, maintain mobility, improve mobility and help you to look after yourself.

Proactive Care Team (PACT)

The Proactive Care Team provides proactive, holistic short-term care and support for vulnerable, frail adults and their carers and families, within three specific areas of central Bradford.

Proactive Care Team – healthcare professionals, voluntary and community sector

Specific information about the Proactive Care Team for healthcare professionals and the voluntary and community sector, including referral criteria.

Proactive Care Team – patients, service users, carers and families

Information for service users, patients, carers and families about the Proactive Care Team, who it can help and how to access the team’s support.

Showing 7 from 7 results.

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