To help you put together a winning entry follow our top tips for a great nomination.

The nomination form:

  1. Paint a picture – Give the judges a real understanding of where you work, and the people involved.
  2. The 5 W’s – While telling your story, make it clear for the judges. Remember the 5 W’s; Who, What, Where, When, Why.
  3. Values – If you can show how your nomination is living out our values: we care; we listen; we deliver, the judges will be impressed.
  4. Please keep your nomination to 400 words max.  If your nomination is successful, you will be asked to provide supporting evidence at a later date.

General advice:

  1. Read the instructions – An obvious one but read each award category and judging criteria carefully and answer all the questions asked.
  2. Does it make sense? – It’s always best to get your nomination checked by a second pair of eyes.
  3. Five weeks – Don’t leave it until the last minute. The earlier prepared you are the better and higher the chance of success. Deadline is Friday 5 February 2021.
  4. Not sure? Ask. If you are not 100 per cent sure what a question is after or which category to nominate in, email the Communications team at

What happens if my nomination is successful?

If your nomination is shortlisted, you will be asked to provide any supporting evidence in the form of testimonials. This can be in the form of a quote, video, letter, picture, thank you card etc.


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