During World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Week 29 March to 4 April, healthcare professionals are asked to commit five minutes of their time to find out more about autism. A recent study indicated that one in 54 children may have autism and many adults are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

To recognise the condition and support individuals in your care, its important that professionals have as much awareness and acceptance of autism as possible.

Watch our 5 min presentation to find out more about autism

This five minute powerpoint presentation about autism produced by the Autism Pathway (BANDS) team will tell you more about autism.

Please share the link to this page on social media to spread the word, using the hashtag #Five4Autism. Thank you.


Other useful 5 min resources

Animation explaining autism

National Autistic Society website

Clinical guidance for services

National autism helpline

Local Children’s service – Airedale and Wharfedale Autism Resource

Overview | Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: support and management | Guidance | NICE

Local Adult service – Specialist Autism Services – working with and for adults with autism

Animation project to promote understanding and acceptance in future generations