Every year we highlight, honour and celebrate individuals across our organisation who have been nominated by their colleagues for going the extra mile to make a real difference to others.

Inspired by our vision of connecting people to the best quality care, when and where they need it, and to be a national role model as an employer –  our ‘You’re a Star Awards’ event recognises staff from all areas of our Trust.

The five categories are: Unsung Hero, Working Together, Non-Clinical Star/s, Improving Patient Experience and Innovation and Quality.

Here are our 2019 winners:

Unsung Hero Award Winner Mohammed Idris, Recovery Coordinator, Early Intervention in Psychosis team

Mohammed often goes the extra mile to ensure that the needs of the patients he serves are met. People who have used the Trust’s services have credited Mohammed with helping them to get their lives back on track and motivating them to succeed to make meaningful and personal mental health recoveries.

Working Together Award Winner Homeless and New Arrivals team

The team help connect the most vulnerable people in society with meaningful and helpful activities, resources and support, including physical health drop-in sessions and mental health support.   The team work hard to foster meaningful and empathetic relationships with the people they care for and are committed to building trust over short spaces of time.  

Non Clinical Star/s Award Winner Health, Safety and Security team

The Health, Safety and Security team have been noted for their customer focus and ‘can do’ attitude in delivering essential support, including continuous enhancements to health, safety and wellbeing for staff and patients across the Trust. The team have also won national awards for their work in this area and have been recognised for the eleventh year running for their dedication to occupational health and safety by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accident (RoSPA).

Improving Patient Experience Award Winner Lisa Milne, Parent-Infant Therapist.

Lisa has been delivering outstanding person-centered care and making a real difference to the mental health of mothers and their infants. Lisa has been instrumental in a number of initiatives to support parent infant relationships and mental health including the ‘Compassion for Mums Well-being’ scheme, which new mums welcomed. The scheme encourages businesses and community settings to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for women to go to, who have recently given birth. Many new mums can feel lonely, anxious or experience low mood and can feel nervous about going out in public with their babies and may choose not to, leading to social isolation and impacting negatively on their emotional wellbeing.

Innovation and Quality Award Winner Sophie Woode, Staff Nurse, Thornton Ward, Lynfield Mount Hospital

Sophie finds innovative ways to support patients and improve the service to enhance patient experience. Sophie has been described by her colleagues as ‘incredibly caring and compassionate’ and has developed a number of innovative ideas to help patients, including the creation of a self-esteem workbook that has been successfully used with patients to help boost their self-esteem. One patient who was chronically unwell used the workbook and has grown in confidence, and was able to be discharged home with his independent living skills improved as a result of the work and care provided by Sophie.

You can view of all our finalists work here.