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About us

We are a provider of award winning mental health, learning disability and community health services across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven.  Our health care services cover all ages, so if you live in the Bradford and or Wharfedale districts,  you may come into contact with one of our experts at some point in your life.

We know that our communities want their care to be delivered in their own home, or as close to their home as possible, and we are committed to providing high quality community care tailored to individual needs.  We also offer hospital based mental health care and some specialist learning disabilities’ support for people who are too unwell to be treated at home.

Everything we do is focusing on making ‘better lives, together’  to achieve our vision of connecting people to the best quality care, when and where they need it, and be the best place to work.

A snapshot of some of our work and services

Whatever your healthcare profession, there are range of opportunities to grow your career at our Trust. You can hear more from our professional leads, or find out about working for each of our services and hear more from our members of staff in video interviews below.

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We provide award winning, high quality mental health care for people of all ages across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale or Craven. Teams include community-based and hospital-based mental health nurses, psychiatrists and therapists. We also have a First Response team for urgent mental health crisis support and a dedicated Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS).

We support older people with any mental health needs including dementia diagnosis and support and our Learning Disability team provide a range of health support for adults with learning disabilities who can’t access mainstream services.

Jacqueline Edwards explains the role of a Therapy Support Worker on the Dementia Assessment Unit:

Zenab Ougradar on working in the pharmacy at the Dementia Assessment Unit:

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Our Community service is made up of roles including district nurses, health visitors, community matrons and community dentists.

As well as providing direct care, our district nurses also have a teaching role. They will work closely with patients to enable them to better care for themselves and will work with their families to teach them how to better care for their loved one.

Our District Nursing service frequently acts in a co-ordination role with a variety of different agencies and professional groups.

Sue Pritchard has been a qualified nurse for 16 years. She ‘loves district nursing because it’s an autonomous role’ but always with support from her team and the District Nurse. Hear more about Sue’s role and the opportunities she’s had to develop her nursing skills in areas such as palliative care and complex wound care below.

Tara Teske talks about the Trust’s Nurse Development programme:

To find out more about Tara’s time with the Trust read her case study or hear more from a selection of our nurses.

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Across Bradford, our Children’s service includes a Health Visiting team, a Looked After Children’s Health team, a Safeguarding team, a School Nursing team and a Youth Offending team.

We also support children in Wakefield with health visiting and school nursing and provide a family nurse partnership which supports women aged 19 and under who are expecting their first child.

We have a dedicated website for our Children’s service called Better Lives, Healthy Futures.

The Trust also has a School Nursing Special Needs team to support children, young people and their families in the Special Needs schools in Bradford and Airedale. They support children and young people from 4 – 19 years of age, who are in a Special Needs school and have complex health and behavioural needs.

They are a specialist team made up of admin support, health care support workers, learning disability nurses, children’s nurses and general nurses.

All of these roles require specialist training but are highly rewarding and diverse.

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We provide specialist clinics including podiatry, opthalmology, dental and audiology clinics for people with learning disabilities at our Waddiloves Health Centre in Bradford. Where needed, our teams may also arrange home visits for patients who would benefit from being treated in a more familiar setting.

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Our Corporate services include a Finance team, Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications and our Executive team. Based predominantly at New Mill in Bradford, these teams support the Trust and patient-facing staff to make BDCFT the best place to work.

All our staff both clinical and non-clinical are vital to providing high quality healthcare and there are a wide range of roles available if you are looking for a corporate career in the NHS.

If you are interested in working for our organisation then take a look at our current vacancies.

We offer excellent employment opportunities to new and existing staff. We aim to be a model employer and we constantly working hard to look for ways to improve the working lives of our staff. We pride ourselves on offering good working conditions, lifelong learning, fair pay and benefits, staff involvement and a balance between working and personal life. We are also a certified Disability Confident Employer (12.12.17 – 08.12.20).

We are part of a system-wide campaign, ‘Our People’, which reinforces acting as one with our co-delivery partners across Bradford district and Craven. It also captures how staff feel across the wider system. The Our People graphic will appear across materials and documents where partnership working is present, or where we want to recognise staff for their great work (such as on our new monthly compliments that are published on social media).

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