Requesting a literature search

If you require help in finding information we can undertake a literature search on your behalf. This usually involves us searching a range of online resources including databases such as Medine, CINAHL, Cochrane and BMJ Best Practice. We then provide you with a list of references which we hope will be helpful.  We are also happy to help you track down the full-text of articles following the search.

Request a search

Eligibility for search criteria

Due to staff time and licensing arrangements, we can only do literature searches for Trust staff. We also ask that these searches be for work purposes and not to support study and educational assignments. If you need help with searching to support studying we are happy to offer training.

Example search topics

Here are just a few of the recent topics that we have searched for:

  • Eczema – emollients for under 5s
  • Service user involvement in training staff and students in mental health
  • Measures of psychological distress in acute mental health services
  • Reflection skills and tools for nurses
  • Schema therapy and psychosis
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