Podiatrists offer a wide range of services.

Diabetic ulceration

There are rapid access diabetic foot ulceration clinics at both Bradford Royal Infirmary and Airedale General Hospital. These clinics focus on the wound management of diabetic feet in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Diabetic assessments

Podiatrists carry out annual diabetic foot assessments, testing aspects of the neurological and vascular status of the foot including Doppler readings.

Foot protection team

The foot protection team cares for high risk service users, including diabetics, who require a period of intensive treatment.

Nail surgery

Podiatrists offer both total and partial nail avulsions with phenolisation for ingrowing toenails and recurring problematic nails. The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic.


To triage and assess lower limb circulation and determine risk level of peripheral arterial disease enabling appropriate referral to hospital vascular services or general practitioner for risk modification.


Orthotics and exercises are prescribed to patients with lower limb biomechanical problems, either muscular or skeletal. This is following a biomechanical and gait analysis. This area also examines potential causes of sports injuries.


Acupuncture is administered by podiatrists in conjunction with the biomechanics team as a method of controlling the pain of lower limb soft tissue injuries

Health promotion

Health promotion and education is delivered to a variety of groups across the area providing training and information. The groups range from medical professionals to members of the public. Talks are given on a wide variety of foot care related topics and can be tailored to the recipient group.

Core podiatry

Core podiatry covers the removal of corns and large areas of callus that cannot be managed by the patient due to the amount of callus. Routine nail cutting is not part of the service offered as long nails are not a medical condition. Pathological nails may be treated.

Consult a podiatrist for advice

The podiatry administration office can be contacted on 01274 221165.

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