What is a verruca?

A verrucae is the name given to a wart that is on your foot, it is caused by the same virus that causes hand warts. They may be painful when gently squeezed.

Verrucae are brownish in colour with rough crumbly surface. They can be small or quite large, single or in a group. When magnified the skin lines appear broken around the verruca. Small pink or black dots can be seen in the wart.

How can you prevent catching or passing on a verruca?

You can catch or pass on a varruca anywhere you come into contact with other people’s skin, damp conditions in changing rooms, swimming baths, or at home from a bathmat. Wear footwear in communal areas and do not share towels. Check feet for small cracks and cuts and cover before doing an activity in bare feet.

Does a verruca need to be treated?

If the verruca is small and not painful, leave it untreated, the body’s own immune system will deal with it over time.

If it persists longer than eight months, becomes painful or spreads, you can obtain medication from your pharmacist. If it does not respond to treatment then consult your doctor who can refer to the podiatrist for further advice.

Consult a podiatrist for advice

The podiatry administration office can be contacted on 01274 221165.

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