GDPR graphicYou may have heard that there have been some changes to the laws around data protection.

We want to assure our members that we continue to take our duty to protect your information extremely seriously and have taken the appropriate steps to keep it safe and secure.

We have a legal duty to maintain a membership that is as diverse as the community we serve. Once you become a member of our Trust we keep your details on our secure database. It is our public task as a Foundation Trust to maintain our membership.

We use this information to let you know about opportunities for you to get involved and to tell you about upcoming meetings and elections. We would never sell your data or use it for any other purpose.

Your membership information will only be held as long as you are a member of the Trust.  We ask our members to let us know of any changes in their information and are particularly keen to receive contact email addresses as this helps us to reduce postage costs.  If you are happy to provide an email address or decide that you would no longer wish to be a member of our Trust, please let us know. You can email us on, call 01274 228387 or write to The Membership Office, New Mill, Victoria Road, Saltaire, BD18 3LD.

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