The Trust’s governor elections ended in March, and May marked the beginning of the new term of office for our council of governors.

Governors play an important role within the Trust, representing the views of their local communities to the Trust Board, and approving the appointment of key members of staff including the Chair and Chief Executive.

Early this year, Trust members and staff were invited to put themselves forward for a seat on the council of governors. Members and staff then voted for who they preferred to represent their constituency.

Here are the results of the election:

Bradford West: Colin Perry, Mahfooz Khan and Ruth Omenyo

Craven: David Pearson

Keighley: Nick Smith and Nicky Green

Shipley: Surji Cair and Sid Brown

Bradford South: George Deane

Bradford East: Kevin Russell, Rupy Hayre and Zahra Niazi

Clinical staff: Jane Haigh and Pamela Shaw

Non-clinical staff: Craig Berry

Rest of England: Safeen Rehman

The current council of governors will serve for the next three years. Members of the public and Trust staff are encouraged to use their local governor to ensure that their voices are heard when the Trust makes decisions. To find out more about your local governor and how to contact them, visit the governor webpage.

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