On Monday 5 July, local primary-aged children are being invited to take part in a superhero day to mark the 73rd birthday of the NHS which was established on 5 July in 1948.

School children celebrate NHS birthday
Local school girl Indy celebrates NHS 73rd birthday

The event has been organised by three local NHS charities; Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s charity Better Lives and Bradford Hospitals’ Charity.

To celebrate 73 years, the charities have organised three 73-second challenges for children to take part in on the day. They want to encourage them to get active while having fun dressing up in their party clothes or they can challenge themselves to try and display 73 acts of kindness across the week.

Activity cards which explain the 73-second challenges have been sent out to primary schools across the district, with thanks to Youth Sport Trust and Complete Physical Education for providing these. Children will compete against themselves and each other at climb the mountain, hopscotch and catch and clap.

Catherine Jowitt, charity and volunteer lead at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Following a year like no other, NHS Bradford and Airedale charities want as many schools as possible to get involved in helping and thanking the NHS staff and volunteers on its 73rd birthday by taking part in our inaugural superhero challenge.”

Hayley Collis, fundraising manager for Bradford Hospitals Charity, commented: “It will be great fun for children to take part in our first ever annual fundraising event, and we look forward to seeing pictures of the children enjoying themselves and hearing all about their acts of kindness.”

Jody Hearnshaw, charity manager for Airedale Hospital and Community Charity said: “We are delighted to be working with our friends at Better Lives and Bradford Hospitals’ Charity to help raise vital funds to support our patients, staff and communities across Airedale and Bradford. Our younger generation are our future and are bursting with ideas, energy and enthusiasm. We hope they have lots of fun.”