If you have received a letter about consent forms, please see ‘how do parents and carers give consent’ below.

Our School Nurse teams work within schools, other education providers and the local community to support children and young people of school age, and those who care for them.  They will work together with you to offer support and advice about how to make decisions about healthy living.

School nurses are registered nurses who have successfully completed specialist training in the health of children and young people.

Each of our 10 School Nursing teams is made up of qualified school nurses, staff nurses, nursery nurses and health care support workers.

The type of support our school nursing teams offer includes:

  • Providing you with health advice and support.
  • Encouraging and enabling you to adopt a healthy lifestyle to protect you against disease.
  • Assessing the mental health needs of children and young people, providing advice and referring to specialist services as required.
  • Promoting your confidence, self-esteem and mental health well-being.
  • Providing information on a range of health related issues such as diet and healthy eating, bullying, stopping smoking, sexual health and contraception, special needs and emotional or behavioural problems.
  • Protecting you from preventable diseases by immunisations.
  • Providing support for young carers.
  • Working with families and schools to deliver the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).
  • Safeguarding children.
  • Assessing your individual needs, offering health advice and making referrals to other services if necessary.
  • Training and support to school staff so that they can help children and young people who may need medication during the school day such as Asthma inhalers and Epipens.
  • Planning, developing and delivering public health programmes relevant to the needs of children and families within Bradford and Airedale.

Who is this service for?

We support children and young people of school age, including children who attend special schools and pupil referral units and special provision in Bradford and Airedale. We also support parents, carers and educational staff. We work in partnership with colleges in other health services in the Local Authority and voluntary services.

How can you access this service?

Our school nurses are available all year round. If you are a child or young person and would like to speak to your school nurse you can call the team direct via the Single Point of Access (SPA) team their number is 01274 221203. Or you can ask your teacher, parent or carer to make the call for you. A list of all the schools we support and contact numbers can be found in the useful links section below. If you are a parent or carer and would like advice or support about your child’s health or development you can contact your child’s school nurse direct via SPA.

Where can I see a school nurse?

You can see your school nurse at your school. We support over 230 schools and colleges in Bradford and Airedale. The list of all the schools we support can be found in the useful links.

How do parents and carers give consent?

The school nurse supports children and young people throughout their school years, starting with reception class,  but we need consent from a parent or carer to do this.  For a quicker and more secure way to give consent, you can complete the forms below online; or you can post the paper copy that you have already received.   All the information will be treated in confidence and will be stored securely in your child’s electronic health record.  If you have a concern about your child, the school nursing team will be in touch to discuss this with you.

  • Primary School Consent Form – in their first year of school, the school nurse will check your child’s weight, height and hearing and record the information in their health record.   So we have up-to-date information about your child like their name, date of birth and school, the parent or carer needs to complete this form so we can request this information from Bradford Council’s schools’ database.
  • Reception Needs Assessment Form – the school nurse can also provide additional support to children with a particular health need like a long term condition such as asthma or diabetes, healthy eating or sleep routines.  We need the parent or carer to complete this form to identify these needs.  If you have raised a concern about your child when completing the form, the school nursing team will be in touch to discuss this with you

For more details about electronic health records see ‘your health records’.

  • Barkerend school nursing team
  • Bingley school nursing team
  • Haworth school nursing team
  • Holmewood school nursing team
  • Horton Park school nursing team
  • Ilkley school nursing team
  • Keighley school nursing team
  • Shipley school nursing team
  • The Ridge school nursing team
  • Westbourne Geen school nursing team

We have a specialist service called school nursing special needs for children in special schools – you can find out more about this service here.

The type of support our school nursing special needs team offers includes:

  • Providing training and support to staff within an educational, care or out of school setting to facilitate children with disabilities and complex health needs accessing and achieving their optimal learning, social and play potential from the age of 4-19 years of age.
  • Undertaking a health needs assessment on all children with complex health needs to identify specific intervention and support required and developing a care plan.
  • Providing nursing care to children with disabilities and complex health needs where required.
  • Working collaboratively with paediatricians, education staff, parents and carers to prevent deterioration of complex conditions within this group of vulnerable children by promoting a healthy lifestyle tailored to individual needs.
  • Supporting teaching staff and developing a role in the planning and the delivering of health education programmes to meet the needs of disabled and complex health needs children.
  • Supporting education staff and providing a systematic approach to identifying training needs within Special schools, facilitating a planned programme of delivery.

Contact details

School nursing special needs
Westbourne Green Health Centre
50 Heaton Road

Telephone:  01274 206826

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