Our School Nurse teams work within schools, other education providers and the local community to support children and young people of school age, and those who care for them.  They will work together with you to offer support and advice about how to make decisions about healthy living.

School nurses are registered nurses who have successfully completed specialist training in the health of children and young people.

Each of our School Nursing teams is made up of qualified school nurses, staff nurses, nursery nurses and health care support workers.

The type of support our school nursing teams offer includes:

  • Providing you with health advice and support.
  • Encouraging and enabling you to adopt a healthy lifestyle to protect you against disease.
  • Assessing the mental health needs of children and young people and providing advice and referring to specialist services as required.
  • Promoting your confidence, self-esteem and mental health well-being.
  • Providing information on a range of health related issues such as diet and healthy eating,   bullying, stopping smoking, sexual health and contraception, special needs and emotional or behavioural problems.
  • Protecting you from preventable diseases by immunisations.
  • Providing support for young carers.
  • Working with families and schools to deliver the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).
  • Safeguarding children.
  • Assessing your individual needs, offering health advice and making referrals to other services if necessary.
  • Training and support to school staff so that they can help children and young people who may need medication during the school day such as Asthma inhalers and Epipens.
  • Planning, developing and delivering public health programmes relevant to the needs of children and families within Wakefield.

On our specialised Family Health services website Better Lives, Healthy Futures we have a dedicated School Nursing section where you can find out all the information you need to know about the team and how they will support you. The website also has a ‘School readiness’ section and lots of other useful resources to help you support your child.


Telephone: 01924 310130

Who is this service for?

We support children and young people of school age and we work in partnership with schools, the Local Authority, our other health colleagues and voluntary services.

Where can I see a school nurse?

You can see your school nurse at your school.

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