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We can all experience problems in everyday life and here at MyWellbeing IAPT  we have a number of tools and resources to help you through these ups and downs.

We offer guidance on things such as low mood, anxiety, sleep problems or stress. We do this by looking at your feelings and providing you with ways to help you with how you think and feel about your day to day experiences. This is done through a wide range of learning opportunities including online courses from the comfort of your own home, group courses, phone advice and one-to-one ‘talking therapies’.

You can register for MyWellbeing IAPT online or over the phone and don’t have to go through your GP. The only time they will be contacted is when you have finished your course to let them know, or if we are worried about you or others around you.

For further information and to register please visit the MyWellbeing IAPT website.


Telephone: 0300 555 5551

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