We provide award winning, high quality mental health care that looks after the ‘whole person’, caring for their physical and mental health needs.

We offer a range of mental health services for people of all ages living in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale or Craven.

Our services

Our services include hospital based mental health care at our dedicated sites Lynfield Mount and Airedale Centre for Mental Health, delivered by specialists who care for people that are too unwell to be treated at home and Moorlands View Hospital which provides support for men who require management under low security conditions.

Our MyWellbeing IAPT team care for people with mild to moderate mental health problems by providing a variety of psychological therapies to help achieve mental wellbeing; our community based Mental Health teams care for people with complex and enduring mental health problems who require specialist support, and our First Response team provide urgent mental health crisis support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to vulnerable people in crisis.

Our dedicated Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS) team supports children and young people in the local area where there are severe and long standing concerns about emotional well-being and behaviours and our older people’s mental health team provide specialist support, including assessment and treatment of Dementia.  Our learning disability services provide a range of health support for adults with learning disabilities who can’t access mainstream services from our Waddiloves Health Centre.

Through our range of services we work with individuals, their carers and our partners, to ensure that people get the right care, in the right place with the right support.

Information on all services across Bradford and Craven

For information on all mental health and wellbeing support services in Bradford and Craven, and self-help resources visit  

Personal stories

One in four of us are affected by mental health every year, and many of us have experienced low moods, anxiety and stress at some point in our lives. Four people share their own personal stories of mental health.

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