Our Looked After Children’s Health team work closely with social care services to look after the health needs of all Bradford children and young people aged 0-21 who are looked after. This may be with a foster carer, a residential home, or living with family and friends under the care of a social worker. If you are a young person just about to leave care, we can also work with you to offer support and health advice.

Our team of nurses can:

  • offer you health check-ups when you first become looked after,
  • design a health care plan for you, following assessment, which can be shared with other health and social care professionals and used as part of your ongoing care plan,
  • keep an updated health history for you based on the health assessment,
  • give you advice and time to talk to a nurse about any health issues that are worrying you at any time,
  • offer continuity of care by providing a nurse who will remain your single, consistent contact for the whole time you are in care,
  • refer you to specialist services if necessary,
  • provide you with public health advice and information.

How can you access the Looked After Children’s Health team?

A health professional or a member of Bradford Council Children’s services can make a referral on your behalf.

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