COVID-19: ‘We offer longer term, evidence based therapies currently via online methods only for the foreseeable future due to on-going social distancing guidance and restrictions. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause’.

The Intensive Psychological Therapy service (IPTS) provides an integrated treatment involving group and individual psychological therapies for adults with complex and longstanding emotional, behavioural and interpersonal difficulties.  Our therapies are designed to facilitate greater awareness and insight, improve coping strategies and target change at a deep psychological level.

We work with people who may have:

  • Multiple difficulties in interpersonal, social and occupational functioning.
  • A significant risk of harm to themselves or others.
  • Experienced repeated interpersonal trauma and/ or adverse childhood experiences.
  • Issues such as severe recurrent depression, anxiety, dissociation, somatic, eating and/ personality disorder.

We offer a range of longer-term, evidence-based therapies, adapted to meet individual needs and preferences as far as possible. Please see our leaflets below for further information.


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