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We have launched John’s Campaign across the Trust’s dementia wards as part of our plans to improve patient experience and make the Trust more dementia friendly.

Carers of patients with dementia can now visit their loved ones at the Care Trust’s award winning Dementia Assessment Unit at any time of the day and night to offer extra support and make them feel more at ease.

John’s Campaign was launched in November 2014 by London based carer Nicci Gerrard after the death of her father, Dr John Gerrard, who had been living with dementia and declined rapidly after a stay in a hospital where visiting times for carers were restricted.

The national campaign aims to give carers of people with dementia the right to stay with them in hospital, unrestricted by visiting hours, in the same way that parents can with poorly children in hospital.

Carers of dementia patients at our Trust are now invited to ask for a ‘Carers Passport’. This entitles them to visit outside of normal visiting hours and identifies their agreed individual needs in supporting their loved ones.

Allison Bingham, Deputy Director of Specialist In-Patient Services at the Care Trust, said: “We value the important role of carers in supporting their loved ones. Our staff have full training in how to support patients with dementia but we have the utmost respect for carers as experts in the care of individuals. By using the Carers Passports we can help to support carers continue to care for their relative or friend as much as they wish.”

The Care Trust’s Dementia Assessment Unit provides 24 hour care to support people with dementia.

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