The information below will explain strategies you can use to support your child to develop their communication skills. There is information on Help with Understanding, Help with Talking and Help with Social Interaction, as well as Stammering support at the bottom of this page. You will find short videos which will give you ideas of things you can do during your everyday routines and while you play with your child. It will be helpful to watch the videos and then choose one or two strategies to try at a time with your child.

If you are unsure what to expect and when in terms of your child’s speech and language development, you can use the Ages and Stages Guide to Speech and Language Development to find out more.

If you are a professional working in childcare or nursery, these strategies are also relevant to supporting a child’s communication development in your setting. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to find a dedicated ‘professionals’ section with further advice and support.

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Help with early speech sounds

To support your child to develop speech sounds, please watch the below video about what activities you can use to help your child with their early speech development.

It will be helpful to watch the video and then choose one or two strategies to try at a time with your child.

Voice disorders in children

If you notice the quality of your child’s voice sounds different to the voices of others who are the same age and sex, visit this page to find out more. This may include their voice sounding more harsh or hoarse, too high or low, or too quiet, loud or more nasal than you’d expect.

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Please visit our webpage on Stammering for all ages if your child has a stammer that you would like more support with.

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If you are a professional and work with a young child who requires extra support, please visit the Professionals Speech and Language Therapy page for 2½-3 year-olds. Here you will find a range of resources including training and support videos.

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