When on holiday – be aware!

  • Hot weather can dry out your skin.
  • New shoes and sandals can cause sores and blisters.
  • Walking barefoot can lead to injuries.
  • Feet sweat and swell more in hot weather.
  • On holiday you may be on your feet more than at home – enjoy yourself but don’t overdo it.
  • Remember, feet can get sunburnt.

Simple things you can do to protect your feet whilst on holiday

  • Use moisturiser on your feet every day, especially your heels, avoiding between the toes.
  • Make sure new shoes fit comfortably before you go on holiday.
  • Be prepared – take plasters and antiseptic cream for blisters, cuts and sore spots.
  • Wash and dry your feet well, especially between toes.
  • Use a high factor suncream on your feet and toes regularly.
  • Don’t walk barefoot!

Follow our information on diabetic foot care.

Consult a podiatrist for advice

The podiatry administration office can be contacted on 01274 221165.

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