Headshot of Susan Francis

I have shown that when non-clinical staff have a voice, feel cared about and that they matter, in line with Trust values, the quality-of-service delivery improves. Ensuring equal access to compassionate, restorative, reciprocal, safe leadership and self-care are key components of our quest to become a Trauma Informed Organisation.

After a period in acute clinical care, I embarked on a mental health practice educator journey, delivering innovative, award-winning, co-designed training and education programmes, leading to my current role as Workforce Development Lead for Trauma-Informed Care.

As a staff governor, I will use the natural curiosity, humility, empathy and compassion that has served me well in engaging with thousands of non-clinical staff, giving voice to their needs. I am comfortable with not knowing and eager to work in collaboration with staff at all levels to share best practice and address their needs.  I aim to work with my staff governor colleagues, Trust leaders and external partners, to promote a parity of esteem between clinical and non-clinical practice.

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