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I have been a member of staff since 1999 which has given me a lot of insight into what life is like working for BDCFT. My career has been within the Estates Department for all that time as a safety advisor, local security management specialist and currently, Health, Safety and Security Advisor.

The beauty of each role is that they have taken me into every single service area where I have had the opportunity to listen to and support with a variety of issues mostly related to my discipline but many outside of it.

The most rewarding part of my role is the work undertaken with service users, I have learnt so much from this partnership working that will continue and grow, I’m immensely proud of this.

I have also been a mental health first aider for a number of years and had insight into some of the struggles some staff have had which has been at times a humbling experience but hugely rewarding.

The reason I applied for this role is because I genuinely care for our services, service users and staff and want to take the existing commitment I and the team I work with have to a higher level and be part of, and give a voice to any changes that could affect staff, challenging where necessary, and ensuring they are for the better.

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