Paul Hodgson

I am concerned about the current state of the NHS and wish to help to ensure that sustainable improvements are delivered in flexible healthcare for all of our diverse Shipley residents.

There is a need to meet the needs of an aging population by breaking down silo thinking and creating better synergy between social, primary, community and secondary care.

The prime goal needs to be to ensure that people live healthier lives for longer. This can be achieved by ensuring that from an early age people are encouraged to take ownership of their own health and that the organisation supports this by taking a community based approach.

I am committed to ensuring that health inequalities in Shipley are addressed by challenging the organisation in relation to agile service development.

Capacity challenges related to workforce shortages highlight the need for closer links with local education providers to promote health based careers.

I have over 45 years experience in commercial banking. In my current role I have a portfolio of commercial clients who are in financial distress and I assist them in identifying the root causes and developing a turnaround strategy.

My finance and commercial banking background has provided me with the ability to develop successful approaches to:

  • Challenging group thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Change implementation
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Lifelong learning
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