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Rest of England

I’m 66 years old and have worked in local government since 1979 in social services at Bradford Council between 1979 and 1999. I then had a change of career and have worked supporting Councillors on scrutiny committees at Bradford Council, Craven Council and Calderdale Council. I retire in April 2024.

This has included a great deal of work with NHS colleagues in the health and care system, giving me a good knowledge of how the system works.  My scrutiny work requires challenge in a “critical friend” way, with the  objective of improving outcomes for people who use our services and the wider community. My approach has always favoured the “friend” aspect. Building good relationships makes it easier to provide constructive challenge – and praise – which is frequently deserved and often forgotten! I will bring the same approach to my work as a governor.

One of my (grown-up) children is mentally ill and has spent  time recently in  hospital in the south. This gives me a personal commitment to mental health services and an understanding of the challenges of living a long way away from a relative in need of support. If  elected I will:

  • Work hard and try to always make my best contribution
  • Make myself available to service users, their families and the wider community
  • In particular, focus on how we provide service for people in the rest of England and how people who live away from Bradford need to interact with BDCT.
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