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My name is Connor and I have worked and lived in Keighley all my life. I have always worked as part of management in the health care sector from Care Homes, General practice and now Dentistry. I spent 4 years volunteering with the local youth service across Bradford Distinct on saving the youth service’s  funding and bring new ideas to the District.

I am passionate about the health service’s which we provide across the district but also how we can improve these to not only improve the quality of peoples lives but so that everyone can gain access at all times. We need to ensure we have the adequate services that are able to deliver across the district when people need them.

Being local and always worked and volunteered in the community I bring a new look on how we need to get people more involved in making decisions for service’s which impact us all. The NHS need’s local people to support and embed the decisions which are made. I am a believe in that for anything to succeed we need to come together as a community to support our local NHS services.

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