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Clinical Staff

As someone who has lived and worked in Bradford for most of my life, I’m very much interested in the physical and mental well-being of everyone living within Bradford. 

As someone who has also worked in health care within the community and within the NHS for many years, I know there is some great work being done by everyone from Drs, Nurses, Healthcare Support Workers, Domestic Staff, Admin Staff as well as so many others who make the NHS what it is.

I also know that when things go wrong, there has to be some checks and balances in the system where the ordinary hard working staff have a voice where their grievances can be heard and dealt with appropriately to bring about positive change where needed.

I’m Arshad Ali and currently work at Bradford District Care Trust as a senior mental health worker as well as working for the trust as a Basic Life Support Instructor based in Saltaire.

I have a great deal of experience working within, and serving on various governing bodies of schools, charities, and community campaigns.

My reason for becoming a member of the trust governing body is primarily to make sure that all those making decisions are properly scrutinised and held to account, and that every member of staff working within the trust has a voice through my advocacy.

By consulting with all stakeholders, I hope to make positive contributions towards making Bradford a better place for better health outcomes for everyone.

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