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I work as a professor at Bradford University with a research interest in improving the health of the local population. I study how diabetes increases the risk of heart disease using lab methods.

More relevantly, I also collaborate with colleagues on developing community or hospital led methods to support diabetes self-management and am an active committee member of the Bradford Diabetes UK funded community support group. My research means I already work closely with consultants in Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS trust (diabetes and endocrinology and clinical trials patient recruitment centre) and I am passionate about supporting and contributing to developments in community healthcare.

Community healthcare is playing increasingly important roles in supporting our local people. COVID-19 has only emphasised this. The most recent CQC report on the district care trust is very positive about some aspects of care provision but indicates others could be improved. I understand research into patient safety and can provide knowledge of advances in research through my links with the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research centre.

I am a member of university level committees tasked with continuous improvement of our systems and policies and this experience will be helpful to provide ideas for solutions that could be relevant to the trust. Finally, I am an active member of the Shipley community and am passionate about supporting public our diverse local population so I will represent what is important to the local community.

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