To find out about more about the kinds of services we have, how they can support you and how you can be referred to them use the search function in the blue box to the side of this page.

Whichever area of our service you access you can expect a high level of quality and support. We offer care in lots of ways including on wards, in the community and in social care settings. Our aim is always to treat you as close as is possible to your own home.

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CAMHS Neurodevelopmental team

We are the team that assesses Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children and young people. If your child is in crisis or you need urgent mental health support, please call First Response on 0800 952 1181

CAMHS Neurodevelopmental team – What happens next

This page will talk you through the process from submitting a referral for an Autism or ADHD assessment, to the outcome.

District Nursing service

Our District Nursing service helps improve peoples health by providing high quality nursing care, based on your needs, in community settings.

School Nursing Special Needs

Our School Nursing Special Needs team support children, young people and their families in the Special Needs schools in Bradford and Airedale. They support children and young people from 4-19 years of age, who are in a Special Needs school and have complex health and behavioural needs. They are a specialist team made up of Admin Support, Health Care Support Workers, Learning Disability Nurses, Children’s Nurses and General Nurses. The School Nursing Special Needs team works collaboratively with families and stakeholders to ensure they are fully involved in service development.

Showing 4 from 4 results.

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