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Whichever area of our service you access you can expect a high level of quality and support. We offer care in lots of ways including on wards, in the community and in social care settings. Our aim is always to treat you as close as is possible to your own home.

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Case managers

Telephone: 01274 256 131

Case managers understand how complicated it can be when you have a range of complex health and social care needs. They will help you and your family to manage your long-term health needs and treatment more effectively.

Champions Show the Way

Telephone: 01274 321 911

Champions show the way provides a range of interesting, sociable activities led by dedicated volunteer community health champions.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS)

Telephone Fieldhead 01274 723 241 or Hillbrook 01535 661 531
Our child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) help children and young people in the local area who may be having problems.

Children’s services

Our Children’s services work across Bradford and Wakefield.

Children’s services – Bradford

Our children’s services in Bradford provides a streamlined service for children from 0-19 years. We work closely with other services such as midwifery, child and adolescent mental health services, schools, children’s centres, GP’s and other organisations in your community.

Children’s services – Wakefield

Our children’s service team in Wakefield provides an integrated service for children from 0-19 years, the team consists of health visitors, school nurses (including vaccinations and immunisations) and family nurses and has been commissioned by Wakefield Council and NHS England to provide services in the Wakefield Council area.

Children’s Learning Disability Team – Craven

We are a highly specialist group of learning disability nurses and health care support workers providing high quality, evidenced-based nursing support to children and young people aged five to 18 in the Craven area who have a learning disability, and their families.

Clover ward – Lynfield Mount

Telephone: 01274 363 195

Clover Ward is a psychiatric intensive care unit for adults over 18 detained under the mental health act. Clover offers you a safe environment to receive the necessary nursing support and treatment you require.

Community dental care

We offer a high-quality service for people who are unable to access dental treatment by a ‘high street’ NHS dentist due to their additional needs. Our staff have expertise in the care, management and understanding of people with learning disabilities, challenging medical conditions and people who are housebound.

Community matrons

Telephone: 01274 256131

Community matrons will help to co-ordinate and plan your clinical care needs and reduce any preventable admissions to hospital. They will undertake an assessment focusing on your health care history, carry out physical examinations and develop a care plan based on your individual needs.

Showing 10 from 14 results.

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