People across the district are being invited to participate in a new survey designed to contribute to improving the quality of the services offered by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

The results of the annual survey will be used to help the Trust set their Quality Goals for 2016 /17.  Participants are invited to express their views on what quality issues are important and /or what could be improved.

Quality Goals are set annually; the achievement of these goals in previous years has led to improved quality, safety and experience for people who use the services.

The goals will be included in the 2015/16 Quality Report and progress made on achieving these objectives will be reported in the 2016/17 Quality Report.

All Foundation Trusts are required to publish an annual Quality Report, which is focused on the quality of services.  The report also documents how well the Trust is doing against the Quality Goals set the previous year and the priorities for the following year.

The Trust is inviting people to have their say by completing the short online survey by the 31st December 2015.  All responses are anonymous and feedback will be combined to help identify and set Quality Goals for 2016/17.

To make a difference to the quality of services accessed by carers and service users across the district by completing the survey click here:

To complete a paper version of the survey please contact Debbie Webster via email: or telephone: 01274 228300