Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new training programme to support people in low secure mental health services on their journey towards recovery.

Included in the programme is a training filmed called ‘I’m a service user get me out of here’ which plays on the popular reality TV programme and features ex-service users who have lived experiences of mental illness requiring care and treatment in secure services.

The DVD is used as part of a training package with staff and patients to promote recovery and encourage people to consider what is important and what will help and support them to engage in treatment and move on safely.

Chris Weston, Occupational Therapy Professional Lead for Specialist Inpatients Services at the Care Trust, said: “Recovery focuses on how people can live meaningful and enjoyable lives whilst in our care and beyond.

“I’m a service user get me out of here,’ helps people to consider what will make them feel valued, take control over their lives, keep focused, have a sense of achievement  and make positive relationships.”

Both Chris Weston and Dennis Boote, Social Worker worked with previous service users who are now living well in the community to co-produce the powerful film which gives advice from peers through lived experience. It explains what has helped them, what they found useful and how they progressed.

One service user in the DVD explains how important taking part in Trust group activities was for them such as music therapy to ‘focus your mind’. He also found it beneficial to go to the gym to keep fit and healthy. Others explained how important it is to put your time to good use and cook a meal or write a poem as sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference.

After attending the training one service user said: “It’s has helped me to recognise things that can help me to keep well and stay well. It’s given me an insight into people moving on I wouldn’t normally get.”

Bev Knaggs, Specialist Inpatient Services Manager at the Care Trust, said: “I’m a service user get me out of here, is really helping to support people on their pathway to recovery. It is providing reassurance to people who use our services and helping them to understand and get the best out of the services which are available to them, whilst ultimately taking charge of their own destiny and future desires. Peer group support and encouragement is key in helping service users have the most success and the best experiences.”