From what age do CAMHS assess Autism and ADHD?

We assess ADHD in children from reception age, as long as they are in an education setting. Any younger and the child will be referred directly to the Child Development Centre (CDC) by the GP or school.

How do I get my child referred for ASD/ADHD assessment?

A referral can come from the GP or from school. In order to review a referral we will need a completed developmental history, school information and SNAPS forms which you will receive when submitting the referral.

Can I get support completing the neurodevelopmental forms?

In some situations, it may be possible for a member of support staff to be in contact with you to help fill out the forms. Please get in touch with CAMHS if that is something you feel you may need.

When will I hear if my child has been accepted for assessment, and how long is the waiting list?

You will receive a letter to confirm if your child has been accepted onto our waiting list. Our current waiting time is approximately 2-2.5 years. A member of our team will be in touch with you every 6 months.

My child’s behaviour and mental health is getting worse, can they see someone or be moved up the waiting list?

We are a diagnosis-only team so do not offer any wider sessions outside of the assessment appointments. Unfortunately, we are currently not in a position to expedite referrals.  Please see our support page for advice on how to manage difficult behaviour and mental/emotional wellbeing support.

How long is the waiting list for ADHD medication?

The waiting time for ADHD medication is variable and can change frequently. You will be informed of the current wait time when you are informed the outcome of your assessment(s).

Can you recommend any private sectors for private ASD/ADHD assessment? What is right to choose?

We cannot recommend any private companies for assessment. If you wish to find out more information about private assessments or right to choose, we recommend you discuss this with your GP.

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