Foot measurements should be taken in the afternoon or evening, when the foot is at its largest size and wearing the socks usually worn. Measure BOTH feet and use the larger of the two when checking footwear size.

Lay a sheet of paper on the floor. Stand up to get an accurate measurement for length and width. Stand on the piece of paper and draw around the outline of both of your feet on the paper using a pencil.

Cut the outline of your feet out of the paper.

Slide the foot shaped piece of paper into the shoe, if the paper curls in length or width this indicates that the shoe may be too small.


You may need assistance to draw around your feet as you need to be standing.

Shoe sizes vary from make to make so if you get your feet measured at a shop then use that as only a guide to the shoe size in a different shop.

For further information see our Footwear and Fitting your shoes pages.

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