Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust has been getting behind National Breastfeeding Celebration week this week (26 – 30 June).

Health visitors and breastfeeding champions from the Trust have been raising awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and the support on offer across the district.

This year’s campaign which is coordinated by Unicef, is following the theme of ‘be a friend or find a friend to support whilst breastfeeding’ which looks at the importance of support when breastfeeding.

Kim Atkinson, Breastfeeding Coordinator at Bradford District Care Trust said: “Breastfeeding is the healthiest start you can give your baby. Breast milk is nutritional balanced with the perfect amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and iron to help your baby grow. It’s also a great excuse to sit down and have a cuddle with your baby, whilst building a strong and loving bond.

“Across the district there are a number of clinics for mums-to-be and new mums to support them with breastfeeding.

“Support from the wider community is extremely important when breast feeding especially when new mums are breastfeeding out and about in public spaces. This support is also important from other family members and friends.”

Clinics and drops-ins run regularly across the district and women should contact their health visitor for their local clinics.

 New mums are welcome to drop-in to any of the clinics and will receive one to one support with any breastfeeding problems they may be having, social support and the chance to meet other new mums. Pregnant women are also welcome if they have any concerns that may impact on their breastfeeding experience such as previous problems. There are also specialist clinics available for specific problems which women can be referred to by their health visitor.