Allied health professions across the district are working jointly with other services to address people’s physical, psychological and social needs.

The Primary Care Wellbeing team from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust is an innovative service which incorporates a number of professions into one service including: a physiotherapist; an occupational therapist; dieticians; psychologists and a personal support navigator. The team works with people with complex health needs to take a more holistic approach to their health and look at managing their physical and emotional wellbeing differently.

Kirsty Shepherd, an occupational therapist in the Primary Care Wellbeing team, works with people to look at, and improve their overall health helping them to make changes to keep doing the things they enjoy.

Speaking about her experience of working in the team, Kirsty said: “I work with patients to do things, or keep doing things that they enjoy. We work together to look at things like adaptations, whether these be to the patients home so they can continue cooking or help them to develop new skills so that they can try something new.

“I have been working with a patient who suffers with a complex pain problem, meaning that she is in constant pain and wheelchair bound. Whilst working together I discovered that she is a keen photographer but hadn’t had much luck in finding an accessible photography group. I contacted the Trust’s Champions Show the Way service, who have encouraged her to become a photography volunteer with them.

“The patient has described herself as ‘still being in pain but it makes it worth it’ as she has found a ‘new sense of meaning in her life.’”

Kirsty has been an occupational therapist with the Trust for nine years, previously working as an occupational therapist with the homeless and new arrivals team at the Trust.

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