COVID-19 vaccine 

The Government has announced that COVID-19 booster jabs will be offered to everyone in England who is eligible by the end of January. People will be invited to book a booster three months after their second vaccine dose.

The NHS will be in touch as soon as you are eligible and you can then book online, or call 119 to make your appointment. Please book yours as soon as you are able. For more information see GOV.UK.

The NHS is also rolling out COVID-19 jabs to school children aged 12-15 and schools will be in touch to schedule these; you do not need to contact the NHS.

Further information on COVID vaccines

Guidance within NHS services 

COVID-19 guidance on wearing face masks and maintaining social distance remains in place for staff and visitors across all healthcare settings beyond Monday 19 July, when restrictions across England are lifted.

This includes hospitals, GP practices, dental practices, optometrists and pharmacies. It is important that we all follow this guidance to manage infection rates and ensure patients and staff are protected.

Read the full statement agreed across local NHS settings on this guidance.

COVID-19 guidance across England 

The Government has continued with its plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions on Monday 19 July based on current evidence that the vaccine is significantly reducing hospitalisations and deaths.

In response to rising rates of infection as well as the detection of the new variant Omicron in England, the Government has reintroduced guidance to the public to wear a face covering in shops and on public transport from Tuesday 30 November. Please also continue to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of infection.

Local leaders from healthcare, the police and the council are urging everyone to remain cautious as cases of the virus continue to rise. They have released a joint statement encouraging the local community to continue protecting themselves and each other by following five steps:

  1. To get both doses of the vaccine;
  2. To continue to wear a mask;
  3. To get tested and isolate if you are unwell;
  4. To mix outside if possible or let the air in if indoors; and most importantly
  5. To give others space.

Read their full statement.

  • Latest guidance on current restrictions – visit GOV.UK.
  • Guidance on demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad – visit GOV.UK
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