On Thursday 11 July 2019 the next round of elections will open.  In this round there are five seats available: two for Bradford South constituents; and three (one non-clinical, and two clinical) for staff member constituents.

The role of governor is an important one to represent the interests of the members and wider public.  In addition as part of the Council of Governors, governors receive information from our Trust that enables them to seek assurance from the non-executive directors on the performance of the Board of Directors. Governors also have the opportunity to work with the Board to help shape the Trust’s plans for the future providing an opportunity to support the Trust achieving its strategic vision of connecting people to the best quality care, when and where they need it and being a national role model as an employer.

The election is being managed by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) on behalf of our Trust.  All eligible members will receive notification of the election around the 11 July 2019.  Nominees have until the 26 July 2019 to submit their nomination to (ERS).  Full details will be included within the election pack.

For more information on how to nominate please visit the webpage, or to have an informal chat please contact the Membership Office on either: ft@bdct.nhs.uk or 01274 363430. For more information on our current Governors please visit the web page. 

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