Tell us about your experience

We really want to know about your experience of our services, as someone who uses them yourself, or if you help to look after someone who does (unpaid carers).

One way to do this, is to give us feedback using a short but quick survey that contains a few questions that usually takes a couple of minutes to complete. Your responses help us to know what we are doing well and identify areas where we may need to make improvements.

You don’t need to give your name or register to do this. Your comments are anonymous.

Find out more about the Friends and Family Test by watching the video below:

Image of a woman with writing 'Give my feedback' << Click the button to give feedback about the services we provide.

Get connected: introducing our new app for patients, carers and people who use our services.

Download the free app – My BDCT. The app will also give you other useful information.

How else can my voice and experience make a difference? 

Find out more about Your Voice Matters, our involvement strategy. 

If you need advice or help to sort out any issues with our services, or information about how to make a complaint, please contact our Patient Advice and Complaints Department on  01274 251440.

Patient and Carer Experience and Involvement team on 01274 228298, email at 

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