The 15 Steps Quality Challenge is supporting our staff to understand how the first impressions they make and the quality of care they provide is seen through patients/service users and carers eyes.

The challenge, designed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, captures what good quality care looks, sounds and feels like.

A team of four including Non-Executive Directors, service users, carers, staff and our partner organisations such as People First and Healthwatch visit our sites such as wards, community health centres and dental surgeries with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and go through a simple check list which shows what’s working well and what could be improved. They have to judge if what they see gives them confidence or not within the service/care they would be about to receive.

As a result staff, patients, service users and others work together to identify improvements that can enhance the patient or service user experience.

The 15 Step Quality Challenge is one of many tools we use to improve patient experience. It complements our other systems such as surveys and focus groups.

If you are interested in getting involved and taking part in a 15 step challenge as a service user, patient or carer, please contact the patient experienc and involvement team on 01274 228298 or email