Busy local people, juggling commitments and short on time can now get help with common mental health problems more rapidly and at a time to suit them – even if that’s in the early hours of the morning.

Free, online, guided self-help is available, now within a week of assessment, by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s MyWellbeing College, which offers a range of learning opportunities to support people through life’s ups and downs. Liz Harney, clinical manager with MyWellbeing College said: “We recognise that people who are caring for children, working shifts or long hours, often don’t seek help because they worry it will be difficult to fit around their commitments. We want to change that by encouraging them to consider our online guided self-help.

“It offers a simple way to learn how to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress, low mood, or difficulty sleeping, whenever it suits you – even if you’re only able to concentrate for short periods. And we’re now able to offer that help usually within a week of having a chat with you to assess your needs.”

MyWellbeing College is a long-established NHS provider of psychological therapies and uses the SilverCloud online learning tool for guided self-help. The proven programmes are interactive, based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles and overseen by a psychological wellbeing practitioner.

As you work through the self-help modules you gain an understanding about the difficulties you are experiencing and recognise what you can do to move forward. The SilverCloud tool is easy to use and features videos and a journal for goals and successes.

Liz Harney commented: “We want to encourage everyone who needs it to come to us for advice and help – just visit our website or call us. We will than call you back for a chat to talk through the different ways we might help and assess which will be best for you.

“If it’s guided self-help, all you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone. That means whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, or fitting it around the school run, you can work at your own pace, in bite-sized chunks, whenever you have time and at whatever time of the day is best for you. You can also ask questions and get support as you work through.”

To register for the online guided self-help or find out about other support available, including group online courses and one-to-one therapy, visit the MyWellbeing College website: https://bmywellbeingcollege.nhs.uk/ or call 0300 555 5551 and press option 3.