There are many causes of falls. Some of the foot related things that can affect your balance and lead to falls include:

  • general health
  • deformities
  • painful feet (which can be for a number of reasons)
  • footwear.

Painful feet

Painful feet can be as a result of corns or thick layers of callus. Pain can also be caused by structures within your foot that are strained due to the way you walk.

A podiatrist can reduce pain from these conditions, sometimes this can involve the use of specialised insoles.


Footwear is a major factor in slips, trips and falls. Wearing the correct footwear is one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of falling.

Your footwear can increase the risks of falls if it is:

  • ill fitting – too large or too small
  • old and worn out
  • slippery and/or high heeled.

Prevention and treatment

Do not walk barefoot or with just socks on. Wear well-fitting slippers and shoes.

Your most appropriate shoe for everyday wear should have:

  • accurate fit – width, length and depth
  • low broad heel
  • a heel cup
  • a fastening onto the foot
  • thin and firm non slip soles
  • breathable upper and lining

For more information see our Footwear page.

If you have a painful medical condition of the feet then it may be appropriate to seek referral to the Podiatry Department for assessment.

Consult a podiatrist for advice

The podiatry administration office can be contacted on 01274 221165.

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