Admiral Nurse Daisy Rae with Peter and Susan CommonsA Dementia diagnosis can feel difficult and frightening for any family, but support is on hand – and Bradford’s local Dementia Hub aims to put a friendly face forward to help patients and carers overcome their fears and face the future with positivity.

“You know there are local services out there to help, but it’s good to put faces to those services and to hear first-hand what they offer,” said Susan Commons who attended this month’s Dementia Hub with husband Patrick, who has a Dementia diagnosis.

Held monthly at the University of Bradford, Dementia Hub brings together organisations such as Carers’ Resource, Community Links, Affinity Care and Pathways, as well as specialist Admiral Nurses from Dementia UK who work in Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Proactive Care Team. At the Hub, they educate about Dementia and explain how local services can support families dealing with the condition.

The Care Trust’s health promotion team is also on hand to discuss how memory boxes, jigsaws and other activities can support someone with Dementia and their Palliative Care team offers positive advice on living as well as possible, plus practical support for carers.

The Bunton family, Chandelle, Shelly and Philip, receive help for mum Susan from Bev Burne (left) of Community LinksThe Bunton family, Chandelle, Shelly and Philip popped along to the Dementia hub with mum Susan to find activities for her to become involved in. “I go walking and out for coffee, but when I’m at home I get so bored,” says Susan. Having met Bev Burne from Community Links at the Hub, a home visit has been organized to assess Susan’s needs and suggest local groups and activities she might join and enjoy.

“We understand that people sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive on diagnosis. We want to help them find the support that works for them and to reassure them they are not alone,” says Admiral Nurse Daisy Rae.

Cynthia McDondald (left) finds out about the support on offer from Catherine Haslem at Carers’ ResourceCynthia McDonald came to the Dementia Hub with husband Peter, she said: “We wanted some insight into what might happen in future and who would be able to help.” Cynthia was pleased to chat with Catherine Haslem from Carers’ Resource Bradford and Craven to find out about the support and respite they can offer her as she cares for Peter.

Admiral Nurse Team Leader James Emmett encourages anyone living with Dementia in Bradford District or Craven to come along to the Dementia Hubs.  “We’ll provide the tea and biscuits, as well as helpful advice, so we’d love to see you!” he said.

The next Dementia Hubs will be held at the Bright Building, University of Bradford, Tumbling Hill Street, Bradford BD7 1SR from 6.00pm to 8.00pm on Mondays 21 August, 25 September and 30 October. There is ample parking and refreshments are provided. To book a place please email or call 01274 221159.